One toe into the blogosphere

There are some rituals in the sewing blogosphere that seem designed to terrify the beginner. Me Made May, for example, which is in action right now. The idea is that you wear something you’ve made yourself every single day this month. It’s aimed at encouraging makers at all skill levels to get their handmade garments out of the wardrobe and into action. Many participants photograph themselves – or have someone else take a pic, for best results – in a stunning range of garments, often beautifully colour-coordinated. The blogger of How Good is That is not only documenting her daily wardrobe but training for a half marathon at the same time. In theory I could join in – with the wardrobe photos, not the half marathon – but does anyone really want to see the various well-worn items in my range of cropped trousers, mostly developed from Simple Modern Sewing, a wonderful but very basic Japanese pattern book?

Then there are the sewing competitions. I doubt if I’ll ever reach the heights of the finalists in the Tessuti annual competition; the standards are so far out of reach it’s not funny.

Tessuti winner 2014

This astonishing garment, which won in 2014,was constructed by Emma of the Ernest Flagg blog. No, that isn’t some kind of op-art fabric – it’s a plain black-and-white stripe, cut into strips and reassembled to create those eye-dazzling patterns. I think that’s twenty segments just for the front of the dress. There is no way I will ever attain such precision in driving a sewing machine. Forget it. Not going to happen.

One of these on-line gatherings is tempting, however. The fabulous Spygirl blog, subtitled ‘seeing life on the bright – and pattern-mixed – side’, has been organising linkups based on colour. Last month featured colours in the purple range, and bloggers posted a wild and wonderful range of garments which included that colour. Although I do have a length of purple knit fabric in my stash, I was unable to think of a good way of using it within the time limit.

This month, however, Spygirl is featuring – wait for it – BEIGE. This is probably the least likely colour to be found on her blog or in her wardrobe. She’s managed it, however.

spygirl beige

This beauty  was made from a Target (US) scarf. And yes, apparently there is beige in there. Look very closely.

spygirl beige 2

There is so much inspiration in this challenge. Surely by the end of May I can detect a trace of beige in something I’ve made, get someone to take a photo of me wearing it (I hate having my picture taken – but just this once…), post it on this blog, and link it to Spygirl? I might even have an old scarf somewhere, containing a hint of beige, just waiting to be turned into the front panel of a tunic? Go on, don’t be shy – get out there and show your face…