Clown pants (2)

Here they are. Nearly done.

Clown pants

The hems are still only tacked into place. The front seam bulges a little, a bit below the waist, so there’ll be more tacking there until it’s right. I think there’s still a bit of yellow cotton thread sticking out of seams, here and there.

But the planned belt loops weren’t needed. The new waistband – constructed out of a 12 cm wide strip of fabric, with a wider piece of elastic than before – is perfect. It sits comfortably and securely around my waist, and doesn’t feel as though it’s going to let me down any time soon.

Now we have a heatwave on; so the clown pants won’t be worn for a few days. What to wear with them? Boots. And a close-fitting top of some kind, or I’ll look like Michelin Woman.

The whole episode has been a lesson in fabric choice. I should have known that this lovely stiff canvas would not gather easily on an elasticated waistband. And it should have been perfectly obvious that the weight of the fabric would tug the whole garment downwards, if a relatively light elastic was used.  I like my new trousers and I think I’ll wear them once autumn really gets going – but this morning I found myself thinking: wouldn’t this canvas have made a lovely hat?

Rather like the blue linen dress – which really should have been blue linen trousers. I’ve found a medium-weight cotton at Rathdowne Remnants which I’m planning to use for my third version of the Inari Dress – maybe this time, once I’ve tweaked the pattern to make the sleeves fit properly, there’ll be a good balance between pattern and fabric?

There will be more of these trousers. Just hoping to find another remnant of really heavy dark linen on some bargain table. Clegs? Rathdowne Remnants? Tessuti? Or maybe it’s time to travel further afield, to GJ’s, which used to be round the corner and has moved a long way east, or even Darn Cheap Fabrics, which is so far away I’ve only ever bought from them on line.

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