With a camping trip coming up, we swing into action. Print off the Things To Take document. Has anyone cancelled post and papers? What about new camping chairs, after those unfortunate incidents with the old deckchairs last time? What to cook and freeze? Chili con carne to share with everyone on the first night. Hummus. Maybe a curry? A block of solidly frozen food will keep for several days in an esky. And what about the esky – is it time to replace the pretty little IKEA one that never has quite enough room?

We are efficient. OK, maybe we’ll still struggle to put up the old tent, which should be second nature by now, and the fuel stove won’t light properly the first time, but in general we know what to do and we do it without dramas.

Meanwhile back at the house, there are dusty cardboard boxes full of papers, bric-a-brac, photos… We have sorted and passed things on and binned stuff and still there are all these things taking up space, only partly identified. They aren’t rubbish. They are the archive, and we haven’t been taking care of it.


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